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Commercial Real Estate

Bayley Building Platteviile, Wisconsin

We know Commericial Real Estate

The Bayley Group, LLC was formed to create mixed use development in Downtown Platteville.  Using Historic Preservation we rehabilitated a space creating upstairs living spaces which create a solid market for retail, and other downstairs commercial tenants.

The space is best suited for one or two large retail or commercial service tenants.  

The Bayley Group, LLC will adjust space to suit the tenant needs in a sharing basis.  Improvements must conform to historic standards, this brand has severed the area well.  The building attracts much walking and vehicular tenants, and is a mecca for the 8,622 student population.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial real estate space needs.

The building sits right in the middle of hundreds of on street and long term parking spots.  This drives retail and service traffic.  Get your space needs to us and we will work to make your business successful.

The Bayley Group LLC is a key part of the Platteville Main Street Program which provides many resources.  Such as market analysis, marketing, events, financing and so much more.  This link will take your directly to them.

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